UP Collection is a fun comfortable dog clothing line that was lovingly created by its designer Carla Cappalli, a well-known animal rights advocate and public figure in her natal home town Puerto Rico. For over a decade, Cappalli has held titles such as Executive Director of the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and President of the Puerto Rico Federation for the Protection of Animals.
As well as protecting and caring for animals, Cappalli wanted to continue finding ways in creating fun and loving bonds between people and animals. And so was born UP Collection. Cappalli aspired to design a dog clothing line that would cater to people who love dressing their dogs but wanted comfortable and fashionable clothing at reasonable pricing. This way pet guardians can treat their four legged friends like family members!

UP Collection is made in Colombia, with experience offering a large variety of dog apparel to choose from. Everything from fashionable or casual dresses, cool t-shirts, tank tops, funky unitards, pajamas, swimwear, and holiday season items. New collections are created periodically. UP Collection also offers pet accessories such as pet bed and carriers.

UP Collection is made of only the most superior quality and comfortable fabrics and materials. Fine terminations and attention to detail make our line durable, comfortable and a great acquisition for any pet guardian. With an ever changing inventory, new designs and colors added periodically, clients can keep choosing from different designs that are sure to please their pets.

Most importantly, because UP Collection wants to ensure your pets well-being, instructions on how to dress your pet are included on our hang tag so that those pets that may feel uncomfortable when dressed aren’t obligated by their guardians.
Also dressing your pet is more than just fun it can also be very beneficial. During the colder months a nice t-shirt or casual dress may give your pet the warmth he/she needs. Also during sunny days clothing helps reflect UV rays. And dog clothing may also be helpful for dogs with pesky skin allergies, and even humans allergic to dog hair.

UP Collection is the perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. Superior quality at a price we all can afford!

New collections are created periodically, and UP Collection also offers exclusive collections with a minimum of purchase of 360 units per style. 

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March 22-24 2017
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